Group Classes

This class focuses on the Reformer and incorporates other apparatus (chair, tower, and small equipment). Small groups allow for a versatile session adapted to all levels…from those requiring special attention due to aging, injury or muscle imbalance, to the elite athlete.

Based on Joseph Pilates’ Cadillac, the tower uses spring resistance to add variety to the mat repertoire and help participants maintain stability and control. Each class provides an overall body workout that strengthens, stretches and defines all muscle groups.

A challenging 30- minute workout that helps increase cardiovascular en- durance while improving strength, flexibility, and core control. (Due to the intense nature of this class, it may not appropriate for those with injuries. )

Want it all? This intense 75-minute class takes you through a complete workout using all Pilates apparatus and half hour of Cardio Jumpboard.

Participants rotate through various stations incorporating mat, props, and Pilates apparatus. Challenge your core and add variety to your day in this fun workout. Previous experience or instructor clearance required.

The Pilates floor workout that will strengthen weak muscles and lengthen tight ones with emphasis on control and proper execution of movement. Use of small props such as bands, circles, and balls may be included.

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